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Architecture as a profession to be restructured
mayo 1, 2007, 7:05 pm
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Northern Cyprus is to restructure the profession of architecture to react to the increasing needs and changing conditions in the country, and to bring the profession, as practiced locally, up to international standards. The rules and regulations concerning architecture are to be reorganised.

The International Association of Architects prepared an Architectural Education Provision to form a global architectural education network. Within the frame of an EU membership, The Council of Higher Education of the Republic of Turkey (YOK) have prohibited all Architecture Faculties from writing the term ‘Professional’ on diplomas issued after the completion of a 4-year university Architecture course. This fact made the restructuring inevitable.

In the Architectural Education Provision, prepared cooperatively by the International Association of Architects and UNESCO, it is anticipated that for the title Architect to be granted one has to complete 5 years of full-time education at university or an equivalent institution. Any diploma programme that lasts less than 5 years will not be accepted in international arenas, because they would not be able to meet requisite educational content and prescribed levels of quality.

The Chamber of Architects, with these alterations in mind, with Eastern Mediterranean University’s cooperation, has organised a General Assembly of Architecture and Education for May 3-4, in which it is expected that decisions shaping the education and practice of architecture in Northern Cyprus will be taken and is supported by the other universities in Northern Cyprus together with the Turkey’s Chamber of Architects.

In a report that will be presented by the Chamber at the General Assembly, the introduction of a 5-year-education supported with internships for architectural education is anticipated as it is stated in the Architectural Education Provision prepared by International Association of Architects. The title of Architect will only be granted after two years of practice. To be able to keep the title, one must undergo 25-30 hours of vocational training per year.


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